We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to serving Veterans with PTSD in Hawaii County. We work in collaboration with the Hawaii County VA and Vet Centers.



 Our mission is to educate American Veterans about PTSD and to teach coping skills so that all American Veterans can lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives with their families and their communities.

Secondary Goal
To demonstrate through research that innovative interventions i conjunction with established medical protocols are effective in treating the psychological, physiological and behavioral issues caused by PTSD.

To facilitate the restoration of healthy functioning to those who suffer from PTSD and to create a treatment model that can be replicated in any community.

As an overview, we are a network builder, a referring organization and a possible funding source. We are an advocate for the combination of innovative interventions with traditional mental health approaches and monitoring agent for the quality and efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies. We are not a "treating" organization.

We are a unique non-profit organization in that we have no plan to charge a fee-for-service. All of our programs are funded through the generous support of our donors.

The PTSD Health and Research Center collaborates with both the Kona and Hilo Veterans Administrations (VAs,) and the Kona and Hilo Veterans Centers. Our programs provide Veterans with the opportunity to enhance their traditional mental health treatment plan at no additional cost to them. Through referrals from their primary mental health caregiver, and in conjunction with the VA, Veterans in Hawaii County are able to discover innovative interventions that help decrease their specific PTSD symptoms. Through this discovery process, a skill set is formed which helps each Veteran cope with stressful situations in everyday life. The PTSD Health Research Center recognizes that each Veteran is on an individual journey. We intend to help Veterans discover which method or combination of methods work best to provide symptomatic relief.

How Our Programs Work

The primary mental health care provider gives each Veteran a specific written referral for a particular intervention. The PTSD Health & Research Center provides payment assistance for interventions that aren't covered by the VA health plan and/or private health insurance coverage.

The PTSD Health & Research Center enters into a service agreement with a service provider who will offer a specific program for Veterans. The PTSD Health & Research Center assists the service provider in developing the program and coordinating with the local VAs and Veteran Centers.

Entry, mid-point and exit self surveys are provided by the PTSD Health & Research Center and administered by each service provider during the course of the program. Confidentiality is secured by each service provider who assigns a random identification to each Veteran.

The PTSD Health & Research Center collects the anonymous self surveys as well as feedback surveys to determine the level of benefit to Veterans, the quality and efficacy of the services received and to evaluate the program as a whole.


What do our program participants say?

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